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"Laser Tinnitus - 
Is It Good Or Bad?"

Laser Tinnitus – Is It A Good Option?

Laser Tinnitus? Should these two words be mentioned in the same breath? In the following article, I’m going to give you the answer to that question.

Tinnitus can be treated in a variety of ways. You’ve got everything from taking supplements to TRT (tinnitus retraining therapy). With TRT you try to retrain yourself to ignore that irritating ringing in your ears.

My personal belief is that, of all the options available, laser treatment for tinnitus is the most radical approach. Those who try laser treatment are desperate people who are just fed up with that nagging sound in their ears. I can’t blame them for trying it, but there is a better way.

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How Is Laser For Tinnitus Supposed To Work?

First of all, what is laser treatment for tinnitus? Laser treatment for tinnitus is the process of aiming light radiation into the inner ear. And what is that supposed to do?

Well, the theory behind the procedure is that they the radiation helps regenerate those damaged cells. Therefore they conclude that the cell that has been damaged by excessive noise, or whatever, will heal faster due to the stimulation caused by the treatment.

Being that I have seen so many worthless programs being sold to hurting people, I am naturally skeptical. I have to see proof.

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Is Laser Tinnitus Treatment Good? - Show Me The Proof!


Laser tinnitus treatment is nothing new...it’s been in use for around 30 years now. Therefore, there has been plenty of time to prove whether it is safe and effective or not. If it is effective and safe, there should be plenty of proof available.

So where’s the proof?

Of course those who are getting rich off the procedure rave about its effectiveness. However, I have concluded that if I want an unbiased opinion, I will have to find it from another source. Now that’s a problem.

There have been no rigorous, independent studies to prove that laser treatment for tinnitus actually works. On the contrary, there have been some studies that indicate that those who suffer from tinnitus have received no relief from the treatment.

Aetna concluded that the effectiveness of laser treatment for tinnitus “has not been established.”

There are not many people who provide this service, which should tell us something in the first place. If it were effective, I would think that there would be plenty of people providing this service.

Most people say they would prefer to try other options before trying this approach.

I say, “Save your money!”

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